Going That Way?

Are you travelling somewhere? Whether it is a few towns away or to another country, why not see if you can help someone out by delivering something for them on the way and earn some cash in the process.
It might be a letter, parcel, piece of furniture or even giving someone a lift. Whatever you decide, why not help someone out and make some cash along the way.

Going That Way Going That Way

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It's very easy to post a Request!

1- Download Our App.
2- Signup or Sign-in.
3- Write a few details & post your Request.
4- Wait to see if anyone's Going That Way.
it is as simple as that and it's all FREE.
You could save a lot by using our platform.


Do you want to know how it works?

If you have something that needs to be posted to another location, you can try posting a Request on our App to find out if someone going that way to deliver it for you. Or maybe you want to go somewhere yourself? Simply post a Request on our App and find out if you can get a lift there. This is called Peer to Peer delivery or sometimes P2P Delivery service.

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